Zukey Lake Tavern merchandise is always changing with the seasons. Stay in fashion with all of the different styles of clothing that we offer for Men, Women, and even Children. We always have many color choices in stock. Stop in and pick out the perfect one for you. Don’t forget, ZLT apparel makes for a perfect gift!

Original Zukey Lake Tavern Hoodies
Sizes: M-XXL

tye dye hoodies
Zukey's Tye Dye Hoodies


hell hoodie
Hell Hoodie


camo hoodie

Zukey's Camo Hoodie


hoodie with stripes

stripe examples

Zukey Lake Tavern Hoodie with Stripe


kid hoodie

kid hoodie example

Zukey's Kid's Hoodies

Sizes: Youth S,M,L

kid tshirts

Zukey's Kid's T-Shirt

Sizes: Youth XS,S,M,L,XL



ZLT Performance Hoodie


Women's Track Jacket Zip

Women's Track Jacket Zip examples

Women's Track Jacket Zip


ZLT Performance Zip

ZLT Performance Zip examples

ZLT Performance 1/4 Zip



Original Zukey Lake Tavern T-Shirts

ONLY $12.00
Sizes: M-XXL
($2.00 More for XXL)

tye dye tshirt

tye dye tshirt examples
Zukey's Tye Dye T-Shirts


Women's V-Neck


Women's V-Neck

Women's Tank Top

Women's Tank Top

Women's Tank Top

Women's Tank Top

Property of Tshirt

"Property of" ZLT T-Shirt


Hell Tshirt Front

Hell Tshirt Back

Hell T-Shirt


Lifeguard Tshirt

Lifeguard ZLT T-Shirt


Hell LongSleeve Tee Front

Hell LongSleeve Tee Back

ZLT Hell Long Sleeve Tee


Dryfit Shirt

Dryfit examples

Men's ZLT Dryfit Shirt





Clothing prices, styles, and sizes are subject to change.


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